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28 January, 2011 (09:09) | debian | By: unclecameron

hacks and tips and tricks what it is what it does .bashrc export PS1=’\[\033[0;35m\]\h\[\033[0;33m\] \w\[\033[00m\]: ‘ ifconfig eth0 netmask up brings interface eth0 up with ip of and netmask of, you may still have to add a route if you run route and you don’t see a last entry like “default […]

Approx local Debian apt .deb cache

14 January, 2011 (23:40) | debian | By: unclecameron

This will make your other local machines download packages faster because it creates a cache of packages stored on the machine we’re going to make, then lets all your clients download from that machine, instead of going to the internet every time for each client. It seems like it’s tricky and will break things badly, […]

Cheatsheet Master Index

6 January, 2011 (21:14) | home | By: unclecameron

This used to be in a wiki format, so I’ll give it a shot in blog style code blocks: commands linux mysql .htaccess ssl command line e-mail