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ESET File Security howto

This is a howto for scanning for malicious files on a Debian/Ubuntu server using ESET File Security for Linux.

In the examples I use example paths, usernames, and values in places, change them to what you actually have or it won’t work. For example, I’m using the network. You have roughly 100% change of that not being what your’e using, so you have to change those numbers in all places in the howto.I show this as root, however you get there. If you use Debian Wheezy or one of the Ubuntu variants, you might have to change little stuff, but it should work without doing much modification. First you download and install the .deb package (I just used winscp to transfer it after I clicked the email link to download it to a windows box) like:

apt-get install ed libc6-i386
cd /home/whateveruseryouare/Downloads/
sh ./esets.amd64.deb.bin
(accept agreement)

Now you have to edit the main config file and add the av update username and password you got with your order. NOTE: DON’T delete the leading #’s at the beginning of these lines, they’re not really used like commented lines like normal, well some are, but the ones you want to change still need the pound sign for some reason.

vi /etc/opt/esets/esets.cfg
  #av_update_username = "EAV-xxxxxxx" <- put the real one in the quotes
  #av_update_password = "xxxxxxxxx" <- put the real one in the quotes

Now import your license like:

/opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_lic --import /home/whateveruseryouare/Downloads/nod32.lic

Now start esets_daemon like:

/etc/init.d/esets start

If you get an error like:

>: /etc/init.d/esets restart
[....] Restarting ESET Security: esets_daemonerror[21d00000]: Cannot initialize scanner: License not found

your import didn’t work.

Now check to see if it’s running now like:

ps -A | grep esets
  8755 ?        00:00:00 esets_daemon
  8757 ?        00:00:00 esets_daemon

If you don’t see anything, it’s not running.