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Category: linux commands


26 January, 2011 (17:21) | linux commands | By: unclecameron

an encrypted login to a server running openssh-server install (debian variants) apt-get install openssh-serverapt-get install openssh-server configure to login from your laptop without being prompted for passwords, using dsa encrypted keys you generate on your laptop and then transfer to the server so it knows who you are by matching the key when you login. […]

linux commands

8 January, 2011 (01:40) | linux commands | By: unclecameron

command what it does awk ‘!/virus=””/’ > sometextfile pipes notification of nasties to a text file called sometextfile cat /proc/cpuinfo shows what CPU is installed &1 | dialog –gauge “Running dd command (cloning), please wait…” 10 70 0 copies the WHOLE drive of /dev/sda to /dev/sdb. Not just a partition, but a bit-for-bit thing. The […]