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Sheevaplug howto

Sheevaplugs are low powered servers that either plug into the wall directly like a walwart style, or a standalone power cable, but they’re tiny and low power and cool.

Sheevaplug setup howto

Mine was running Debian, and I found out what IP it was using by hooking up the ethernet cable and running:


it showed the IP, and that ssh was running, so I logged in using:

ssh root@
password (default): nosoup4u

from there it behaves mostly like normal Debian. The unit I got was still using Lenny, so I updated it to Squeeze by doing:

vi /etc/apt/sources.list
# deb binary/ <--comment this line out
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
I got many errors like the next 3 lines (which I ignored):
fopen: Permission denied
fopen: Permission denied
/usr/bin/mandb: cant create index cache directory /var/cache/man/pt: Permission denied
apt-get install udev
reboot (takes a long time)
ssh root@
apt-get dist-upgrade

I got errors reading the man page directories, but ignored them. I also commented out the line

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