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I upgraded to python from bash to do certain more complex things, here are random notes about how that happened.

Install Eclipse IDE

Eclipse is sorta the standard IDE, though I like SCITE too, here’s how to install and config the development environment, in this case on my Ubuntu laptop:

apt-get install eclipse

now you have to go into eclipse and add pydev (python development), don’t do it from apt-get, it’s better if you use Eclipse itself to get pydev working:

Eclipse -> Help -> Install new Software -> Add ->

Name: PyDev
Location: http://pydev.org/updates

Hit ‘OK’ -> Work with: ‘Select’ PyDev – http://pydev.org/updates -> check PyDev group box -> Next -> Accept License -> Finish

now it’ll install a bunch of stuff and then prompt a restart, hit ‘Ok’

when it restarts, enable PyDev and paths by doing
Windows -> Preferences -> PyDev (should appear now) -> Interpreter – Python -> New ->

Interpreter Name: python
Interpreter Executable: /usr/bin/python

Now select your python paths, then ‘OK’ and ‘Apply’, when you hit apply it will check if your paths are sane.

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