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Hack tools

Here are some common hacking tools that will help you look for vulnerabilities and fix them:

What it is What it does Notes link
security-oriented operating systems
kali hack OS Debian-based security OS kali
qubes securish OS based on Linux, and everything running in compartments qubes-os
tool lists
nullsecurity random cracking stuff updates all the time github
cell phones
hacking LTE at some con the register
domain tools
iptodomain researches domains tied to IP asks Virus Total what it knows about an IP/domain, you need a VT key kitploit
magma secure email server updated version of DIME used by resurrected Lavabit folks github
reverse engineering
barf binary reversing scriptable framework does heavy lifting kitploit
sshtrix ssh brute force cracker github
wireless hacking
wi-fi dumper dump Wi-Fi info like passwords windows kitploit