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28 January, 2011 (09:09) | debian | By: unclecameron

hacks and tips and tricks

what it is what it does
.bashrc export PS1='\[\033[0;35m\]\h\[\033[0;33m\] \w\[\033[00m\]: '
ifconfig eth0 netmask up brings interface eth0 up with ip of and netmask of, you may still have to add a route if you run route and you don’t see a last entry like “default UG 0 0 0 eth0” with being the gateway in this example
route add default gw eth0 you need a default route to tell your box where to send all the packets that get routed (hopefully) outside the machine, this generates one, change your ip to suit your application
update-alternatives --config editor updates your crontab editor

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